Make the Best Impression on House Hunters

by Don Russell 01/28/2019

Preparing your house for real estate showings can be both exciting and stressful. Since every prospect could be the one buyer you're waiting for, you'll want each showing to go as smoothly as possible!

Unfortunately, perfection is a difficult standard to achieve, especially if your home is being shown several times a week! What makes it even more challenging is the fact that everyone defines perfection differently. What's considered a "deal breaker" by one family may be viewed as insignificant or even desirable by another.

So what can you do to make the best impression on the most number of people? The answer boils down to three things: Be systematic and methodical; keep your home clean and organized, and consult with an experienced real estate agent for guidance and advice.

While home staging, alone, is not a panacea when it comes to attracting offers, it can play a key role in swaying potential buyers.

There are so many variables in winning over prospects that it may sometimes seem like the luck of the draw or the relative position of the stars! Luck and happenstance may occasionally come into play when putting your house on the market, but a well thought-out strategy and a proactive plan are always your best bet for selling your house quickly and for the maximum price!

In addition to recommendations your agent may offer, here are a few tips to keep in mind when preparing your house to be shown.

Keep it clean: If all goes well, a buyer will come along and make an offer on your house within the next several weeks. That's not only good news from a financial standpoint, but it also means you won't have to clean your house every day! While there are no guarantees that your home's going to sell within a given period of time, you will be "tipping the scales" in your direction by keeping your home clean and fresh smelling!

Make it visually appealing. Although you don't want to make your home look overly staged, a fresh bowl of fruit in the kitchen, a small vase of flowers on the counter, and a few thriving green plants in different parts of your house can enhance the overall ambiance of your home. Ideally, the appearance of clutter should be eliminated and furniture arrangements adjusted to emphasize conversation areas.

When prospects are able to look at your home and easily imagine themselves having a barbeque in the back yard, entertaining guests in the kitchen, or hosting a holiday party in the living room, then you're well on your way to finding a buyer.

Consider working with a seasoned real estate agent to make sure your home is organized, in marketable condition, and is aesthetically pleasing. If your listing price is on par with comparable homes in your neighborhood and market conditions are favorable, then you're on solid footing when it comes to offering your home for sale.

About the Author

Don Russell

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Don holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of California At Berkeley. He has spent his career as a Real Estate and Development professional on the West Coast of the US, as well as holding many executive Real Estate positions with a large multi-national company. He speaks and reads Spanish fluently.

Don spent more than 15 years of his career living and working in Latin America and the Caribbean. In the late 1990's, he returned from living in Mexico City to reside and work out of South Florida. This was his first taste of the "Florida lifestyle" and he was "hooked". Prior to his last foreign venture in Los Cabos, Mexico, Don lived in South Beach, Palm Beach and Amelia Island, Florida.

In Los Cabos, Don oversaw the development of a large high-end golf course community. He was directly or indirectly responsible for the sales and development of many high-end oceanfront properties ranging from $5 to $10 million. Having a Real Estate and Development/Construction background all woven into one professional, Don was able to provide the necessary daily attention to detail to all aspects of his projects and maintain excellent relationships with the buyers. Known for his organizational skills, great communication skills and follow-up, he was always receiving great accolades from all parties involved in his work.

After more than 5 years in Los Cabos, Don made the decision it was time to return to the states. As in the past, Florida was harkening to him in the back of his mind. so he set out for a new adventure. A friend suggested he come take a look at the West Coast of Florida, particularly Sarasota, and after one trip, that new adventure started!

After moving to Sarasota 5 years ago, Don obtained his Florida Real Estate License and became a member of the industry in Sarasota. As your professional Realtor, whether you are buying or selling, Don will provide you with the best service available in the marketplace. Whether you are relocating to the Sarasota area or already living in this wonderful area, Don is here to make your Real Estate goals happen hassle free! Se habla Espanol!